Mooventure: Icy Dreams

Mooventure is a series of small games for the pico 8.

My goal is to have many small games, to eventually make into a collection.

They aim at a couple of minutes of fun at a time (or more if you like), being easy to learn and just in general games to relax with.

Also they are supposed to be cute!

Icy Dreams is the first entry. Moo fell asleep and is dreaming of sliding over an icy lake now. You have to collect snacks and pet pupper!

But you only have a limited amount of zooms, which get consumed when changing directions or accelerating.

Controls are arrow keys and X.

X is for picking a level as well as going back to level select.

This game was made possible by my patrons:

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Please consider donating to this game in general, if you can. A lot of work goes into every one of these games and some monetary appreciation also helps me a lot.

Other ways to help, is to spread the word about my games. It helps a lot!


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